Snark Style Blog - October 2021


It's October. Fall is in the air and Halloween is around the corner. Before you know it, Halloween will be upon us once again. Hopefully we can actually enjoy it this year!

As such, we've dusted off all our Halloween tees and put them front and center for you on the home page. Oh and they are cheaper than they were last year at only $14.99 - which is nice.

We also have a few new Halloween designs for you to enjoy. The first is "Don't Mess with the Trumpkin!". We had such a good response from our Mt. Trump-More shirts, we thought we'd feed the beast a bit more. It's sure to be a hit with all the Donald lovers out there. You can get it on a mug as well here.

The next Halloween-inspired shirt is "It's Only a Flesh Wound". I found this image and fell in love with it. It reminded me of a line from one of my favorite movies, and hence the design. So if you're into dark humor, you just might want one of these.

We also have 2 other new non-Halloween related designs this month, including the brief and to the point "Not Sorry". This one is inspired by my teenage son. You got to love Generation Z. They are so succinct.

Last we have "Happy to be a S.A.D." for all the stay-at-home dads / house dads / domestic engineers out there. OK it's a bit corny and not all that snarky, but I don't care. SADs deserve their own shirt! (See what I did there - I'm going to make this a thing).

Enjoy the cooler weather everyone and as always, stay snarky! 



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